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AUSkey to be decommissioned

Many if not most taxpayers have known about and been dealing through the government’s myGov authenticated access portal for some time now. However from the end of the first quarter of next year, businesses will need to get used to a new way to access and send business information to the government online — something that is achieved through AUSkey at the moment.

The new service is to be called myGovID, thus aligning this service with the existing myGov credential service. It will to be a secure login that identifies an individual operating on behalf of a business when using government online services.

The whole-of-government identity solution has been developed in order to overcome the mobility and access limitations of AUSkey, which has been found to be:

  • not supported on mobile devices

  • not compatible with all internet browsers

  • difficult to setup and maintain

  • restricted to online services and authorisations and do not carry across channels (that is, cannot be used to verify with the ATO by phone)

  • unable to provide a password reset functionality, forcing users to re-register when a password is forgotten

  • difficult for users who manage multiple AUSkeys.

myGovID is to be launched in conjunction with a new authorisation service RAM (Relationship Authorisation Manager) that allows users to link myGovID to an ABN and manage who is authorised to act on a business’s behalf.

To support the transition from AUSkey, RAM is now connected to Access Manager. This means when a user authorises a person to act for a business using RAM, they can set their permissions for ATO online services in Access Manager at the same time.

The ATO says the solution will deliver a high level of confidence in the accuracy of the client’s identity through biometric matching to documents issued by trusted Australian third parties (such as driver’s licences and passports). The credential is a device based authenticator app, paired with native authentication (such as a fingerprint) or password.

myGovID is being developed as a whole-of-government digital identity solution, which will overcome the mobility and access limitations of AUSkey. It will be made available as a free downloadable app so holders will be able to securely access government services anytime, anywhere and on any device.

AUSkey will continue to be supported during the transition to myGovID, however it is envisaged that AUSkey should be able to be decommissioned by March 2020. In the meantime, business owners may want to take some initial steps. To prepare for the change, they can:

For more information or if you have any questions, the ATO has set up a dedicated email address: DPO@ato.gov.au


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