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Are you hiring or firing? Tax tools, forms, and other template letters

The following links may be helpful for employers when dealing with staff, especially when hiring and managing employees once they are on-board. There are also links to template letters below for use when terminating employment.

PAYG withholding tables

Regular payments

  • Tax tables
    including regular payments (weekly, monthy), Higher Education Loan Program, Student Financial Supplement Scheme (SFSS), Medicare levy adjustments.

Other staff-related forms and tables

Superannuation payments

Template letters
Here are some template letters from Fair Work Australia for employers to use when hiring, managing an employee or ending the employment of an employee.

These templates will continue to be updated over time, so while the templates below will be a guide as to what is required, you should check the Fair Work Australia site each time you wish to use them to ensure accuracy.

How to use these templates:

  1. download the template you want to use and save it to your computer
  2. fill in the red coloured sections that are also marked in pointy brackets (less-than and more-than symbols)
  3. delete any information that doesn’t apply to your situation
  4. delete any blue highlighted instructions
  5. delete the instructions at the beginning of the template
  6. proof read the letter and check you’re not missing anything
  7. check again to make sure no coloured or highlighted sections are left
  8. insert your logo, business name and contact details at the top of the template
  9. save and print.

Employing staff


Pay slips and record-keeping

Ending employment


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