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Tips to spot a scam (and what to do)

The ATO has recently warned that it is continuing to see instances of scam emails, SMS messages or telephone calls where criminals try to steal money or information from taxpayers. These scams can be ...

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Cybersecure voice identity check coming to your device

The Tax Office launched its “voiceprint” taxpayer authentication system in September 2014, and the success of the system has now prompted it to work towards extending the service to mobile...

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Victim of identity theft? The taxman can help

Such is the very real threat nowadays of identity theft that the Tax Office has set up a Client Identity Support Centre (find it here) to help taxpayers who have had their identities stolen or misused...

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Tax Office continues to target online sellers

Many taxpayers will have noticed that “pre-filling” has become much more widespread, which is only possible due to the amount of financial information that is able to be accessed by the Tax Office.

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Property developers warned on contrived structures that muddy income/capital divide

The Tax Office has warned property developers against using trusts to return the proceeds from projects as capital gains instead of income, warning that it has found many instances that had subsequently been shown to be contrived arrangements to allow developers to inappropriately claim CGT concessions.

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Be on the lookout for these business scams

A recent global report revealed that Australians are the most fearful people in the world when it comes to identity theft and fraud – an unsurprising statistic considering the sheer number of scams that seem to be circulating. Protect yourself and your business by being aware of the common scams targeting small businesses. 

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Dodgy tax scheme warning

The Tax Office is warning us to steer clear of tax avoidance schemes, especially in the lead up to 2012 tax return time. Tax Commissioner Michael D’Ascenzo says there’s a marked increase in the number of schemes being promoted at this time of year. ‘Modern tax schemes can be very sophisticated and may masquerade as complex investments or other arrangements that can appeal even to experienced investors.’

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Email Scams involving ATO and supposed tax refunds

Please be aware of email scams appearing to come from the Australian Taxation Office offering tax refunds. The email generally links to a fake ATO website that then requests your banking/credit card ...

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