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Franchisee or Independent

Over the various important breaks, where public holidays exist, there seems to be an opportunity for the Independent Coffee Shops! In a street dedicated to several different Coffee Shops, some includi...

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How to Increase the Revenue of your Business

There are realistically two major avenues for your business to increase its annual revenue: #1 is to increase the volume of people buying from you, and #2 is to increase the price achieved at the time...

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Change Your Product Mix

What you sell, who you sell it to, and where you sell it has a massive bearing on the sales, profits and wealth your business generates. Therefore, changing your product mix (what you sell) has some...

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Purchase From Overseas

In this new global community, you have potential suppliers from every country throughout the world. Each country has different cost bases to work from, different base wages, different supply costs, di...

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Generate Healthier Profits By Cutting Head Office Fat

Have you ever noticed some of the fastest growing and most profitable companies here in Australia are also some of the leanest. Take Aussie Home Loans for example; Founder John Symond grew Aussie, not...

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Reduce All Expenses by 10%

In most accounting software packages e.g. Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks etc. there is an ability to print out a detailed list of your expenses and the % this expense item has in relationship to sales. If i...

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Cash Flow to Grow Your Business

The most dangerous period for many business owners is not when they start up, but when they scale the business for growth. When you first start a business there is more flexibility, mistakes are more ...

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Getting Paid in Advance?

Train your sales team to get a deposit on order, deposit at placement of order, deposit to lock in an order etc. A deposit can go a long way to improving your cash flow. If you can get a deposit in ad...

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Do You Charge for Delivery

Don't include delivery as a throw away, as most people and businesses will expect an additional charge for delivery. Let’s look at some examples: Example 1 Your supplier delivers to your cus...

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Develop other Means of Distribution

Distribution is all about how you get your products/services into the hands of your customers. Looking at other methods of distribution as a strategy will open up ways to grow your revenue and your ca...

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Planning to Get Bank Funding

These days getting business funding from a bank isn’t the easiest path to growth and expansion. Many banks are slow to loan money with the economy as tumultuous as it is. But banks, just like an...

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How To Charge More For Your Product

Some business owners think that to charge more for their product they need to add to it, give bonuses, create a new punchy ad campaign for it or hype it up by getting a celebrity endorsement. While ...

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A Quick Brief on Cash Flow

As with any business, the maintenance of good cash flow and the management of the cash collection function are fundamental to the success of your business. But what is good cash flow management? Think...

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Planning Builds Substantial Businesses

It’s a simple fact of life and business, planning builds substantial businesses. No matter where you go or what you do, you can’t help but run into substantial businesses of all kinds. Sure the econom...

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Dun & Bradstreet’s tips to ensure prompt payments

Credit reporting and receivables management company Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) said that while business owners often find themselves focused on the job at hand, the job isn’t really over until it has been paid for. D&B said that it is essential for a business’s health and cash flow to have a timely turnaround on all accounts. Accordingly, here are D&B’s top five tips on collecting payments (and limiting the possibility of acquiring a bad debt).

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Planning Gives Business Owners Focused Direction

Does it ever feel like there’s too much to do and you don’t know where to start? If you’re like many business owners, that’s probably a regular feeling… and it never get...

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Reduce Your Cost of Goods by Increasing Your Prices

Sometimes the cost of staying in business can be prohibitive when you consider the dwindling profits you might be making. You are in business to make money, not to act as a poorly paid middle man betw...

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Lazy Habits That Are Destroying Your Business

What is holding you back? Are they the same things that are holding your business back? If your lazy habits are destroying your business, it's obvious that some changes have to happen. Lazy habits in...

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Your Suppliers Can Fund the Growth of Your Business

I’ve got some good news for you… You have a partner, maybe even a few partners, and you don’t even realize it. They've been by your side for some time, you've trusted them and they'...

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Get Payments in Advance to Build Surplus Cash Flow

One of the biggest challenges to your company’s cash flow is allowing your customers to pay on terms. For cash flow purposes, getting paid once you sell something is best, but that isn’t a...

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