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FBT and cars – a perennial head-scratcher

The provision of cars by employers to employees remains an issue that continues to create confusion for some business taxpayers. A not-uncommon situation is where the employer fails to identify that a...

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Christmas party: Examples from the ATO

Example 1 A small manufacturing company decides to have a party on its business premises on a working day before Christmas. The company provides food, beer and wine. The implications for the employe...

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Deductibility of training course fees provided to employees

Running a successful small business sometimes requires an upskilled team. If you need your employees to grow their expertise in a particular area, spotting them for short-courses can be a worthwhile e...

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FBT exemptions under the radar

Providing fringe benefits goes hand-in-hand with the task of retaining good and loyal employees as well as attracting new talent for your business. However the types of benefits provided can sometimes...

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Business assets, personal use?

Is there a problem with using your company’s assets for yourself? Assets that belong to your business but that are being used for your own benefit or enjoyment can potentially trigger a tax issue known as “Division 7A”.

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Employers: Beware “leftfield” FBT liabilities

It is generally understood that for fringe benefits tax (FBT) to apply, the benefits paid are usually in respect of an employment relationship.

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Fringe benefits tax — your business basics

If you own a business that employs staff, and provide remuneration to your employees in a form other than straight salary, you may be up for fringe benefi tax (FBT). The upside for your workers is that they do not then have to pay income tax on the value of the benefi provided to them.

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What does a higher FBT mean for your business?

Small business owners should write in their diaries that from April 1, 2015, the rate of fringe benefits tax (FBT) will increase from 47% to 49%. It is planned to return to its present rate two years later.

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An unforeseen fringe benefit (and the tax consequences)

As Fine Foods has a sponsorship arrangement in place with the Food Growers Association and the value of that sponsorship outweighs the value of tickets provided, it appears to be a reasonable value exchange.

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Novated leases and FBT explained

Wrapping a car into a salary package is a very popular choice, and doing so as part of a salary sacrifice arrangement often raises the topic of novated leases.

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FBT – fears, cheers and changes

The current FBT year is just wrapping up, and it has been a period of potential turmoil with the proposal to scrap the statutory formula method for calculating car benefits. However not long after this landed on the legislative table it was swept off it again by the current government. So the status quo remains in this area of FBT law. But it may have served as a distraction from some other important adjustments, one of which is that the FBT rate is increasing come April 1. 

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Christmas cheer – with no FBT fear

With the year steadily making its way towards the festive period, businesses that are turning their attention to end-of-year celebrations will need to keep in mind the tax implications of throwing a Christmas party or handing over gifts to staff. Of course there’s nothing wrong with getting into the yuletide spirit, but business owners should make sure that while doing so, adverse tax outcomes are minimised. 

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ATO revving up its car FBT crosschecking efforts

The fringe benefits tax (FBT) year has just ended and the FBT return lodgement deadline is now on the horizon. The ATO has taken the opportunity to remind employers that it is actively using data matching to identify potential FBT obligations associated with motor vehicles.

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FBT and your Christmas party planning

End of year Christmas celebrations are a chance to get everyone together for some fun as well as thanking the team for a job well done. Business owners may have the option to unlock the bar fridge for employees, but should make sure they are not the ones stuck with the tax hangover.

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