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Guidance on how to deal with instant asset write-off uncertainty — at last

As most small businesses know, the previous government introduced a number of small business tax relief measures as part of its Mineral Resources Rent Tax (MRRT, or mining tax) legislation.

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End-of-financial year tax and super tips for individuals

With the 2013-14 financial year quickly drawing to a close, it would be the ideal time for individuals to undertake some tax and superannuation planning for the year.

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Tactical business deductions for your end-of-year tax planning

There are various legitimate ways to go about minimising your business’s tax liability, with various straightforward tax deductions that most businesses can utilise. The general rule is that you can claim deductions for expenses your business incurs in its task of generating income. Many of these deductions are obvious – rent, materials, supplies and so on.

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The “debt tax” has flow-on effects for businesses

The announcement from the Federal Budget of a three year Temporary Budget Repair Levy on high income individuals (2% in excess of $180,000 — see our Budget report for details) will result in the top marginal tax rate increasing from 47% to 49% (inclusive of the Medicare levy).

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Measures set to kick off on July 1, 2014

The first section of this article outlines measures that are definitely going ahead come the new 2014- 15 financial year, while the second section contains changes outlined in the recent Federal Budget that have yet to be legislated.

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