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Funding litigation costs for tax cases

The ATO says it can help fund some reasonable litigation costs if the outcome of a particular case will affect a significant number of taxpayers by: Funding litigation costs for tax cases clari...

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Data matching by ATO targets card payments, online sales, ride sourcing

Every year, the ATO collects new data from financial institutions and matches this data with its own information, which is sourced from income tax returns, activity statements and other tax records. D...

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The ATO’s “GST-light” offer for new small businesses

The ATO says that it has “listened to the concerns of small businesses, tax professionals, industry associations and software providers”, and is working towards reducing GST compliance cos...

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Is the peer-to-peer lending investment option right for your SMSF?

One investment option that has surfaced relatively recently, and that SMSF trustees may consider as a part of their strategy to grow their fund, is investing through peer-to-peer lending. Peer-to-pe...

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Recent changes to the assets test for pensioners

From January 1, 2017, the assets test free area and taper rate for pensions increased. The assets test works by reducing a person’s age pension payment for every dollar of assets owned over a ce...

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The process (and pros and cons) of ‘electing’ to be a family trust

Trusts are an important and very useful concept for managing one’s financial affairs, as well as estate planning. A trust is established whenever there is a separation of the legal ownership (...

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Deceased estates: A brief guide to tying up the loose ends

After a person dies, and the usual arrangements are completed, there will come a time when other matters, such as tax and superannuation issues, must be looked after. The person who takes on the respo...

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Active vs passive assets and the small business CGT concession

The small business capital gains tax concessions are extremely valuable, and for small business owners who need to dispose of assets that have risen in value during the time they have owned them, acce...

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