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Tax Office targets expats who claim non-resident status

The Tax Office has sent letters to people living overseas who have made claims as non-residents for tax purposes. The pro-forma letter asks for a response within 28 days to establish that the recei...

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Builders: There may be questions about your taxable payments report

The Tax Office has announced that it is contacting certain businesses in the building and construction industry that have lodged an annual “taxable payments annual report” about some of th...

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Victim of identity theft? The taxman can help

Such is the very real threat nowadays of identity theft that the Tax Office has set up a Client Identity Support Centre (find it here) to help taxpayers who have had their identities stolen or misused...

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Online help for small business owners

There’s an online tool on the Tax Office’s website that is designed to provide answers to various questions that small businesses may have regarding tax or superannuation. Named &ldquo...

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Claiming business website development costs

Creating and maintaining a website is expensive because it’s complicated. Lots of small businesses pay hefty costs to have their sites run because they don’t have the time or expertise to ...

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Actuarial certificates – finally some clarity

The Tax Office has finally provided clarity on the need for self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF) in obtaining actuarial certificates where an SMSF converts to pension phase. According to the Ta...

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Tax and cyber security: Are you prepared?

Since July this year, scams targeting both individual and business taxpayers have been running rife.

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What is adjusted taxable income and why you might need to know

If you recently have or ever plan to apply for certain tax offsets, concessions or government benefits, the basis for eligibility can be determined based on your “adjusted taxable income” (ATI).

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New company tax franking implications

The recent cut to the tax rate for small incorporated businesses, while generally welcomed, can bring with it some important considerations when it comes to distributing franked dividends.

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Have you thought about the small business pool write-off?

The temporary $20,000 immediate write-off for “small business entities” attracts regular queries, even though it has been many months since the initiative was first announced with the Federal Budget early this year.

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Building a new home? Is it exempt from CGT?

There is a concession in the CGT rules that can allow a taxpayer to treat a property as their “main residence” even though it does not yet have a habitable dwelling.

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