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More Than One Shift or Expand Office Space?

Sometimes it is less expensive to work more shifts than to physically expand the office and pay higher rents, more office equipment to buy etc. By working more than one shift in your business - you ke...

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Getting Paid in Advance?

Train your sales team to get a deposit on order, deposit at placement of order, deposit to lock in an order etc. A deposit can go a long way to improving your cash flow. If you can get a deposit in ad...

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Planning to Find Investors

Do you want to know a secret? Do you know what impresses investors more than anything else when it comes to giving money to businesses? It isn’t a winning personality or a great suit or smile th...

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Do You Charge for Delivery

Don't include delivery as a throw away, as most people and businesses will expect an additional charge for delivery. Let’s look at some examples: Example 1 Your supplier delivers to your cus...

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Develop other Means of Distribution

Distribution is all about how you get your products/services into the hands of your customers. Looking at other methods of distribution as a strategy will open up ways to grow your revenue and your ca...

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Planning to Get Bank Funding

These days getting business funding from a bank isn’t the easiest path to growth and expansion. Many banks are slow to loan money with the economy as tumultuous as it is. But banks, just like an...

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How To Charge More For Your Product

Some business owners think that to charge more for their product they need to add to it, give bonuses, create a new punchy ad campaign for it or hype it up by getting a celebrity endorsement. While ...

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Recent changes increasing the superannuation contribution caps

  From 1 July 2014, the superannuation contribution caps have increased, allowing an opportunity to place more money in superannuation going forward.  The contribution caps control the amou...

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A Quick Brief on Cash Flow

As with any business, the maintenance of good cash flow and the management of the cash collection function are fundamental to the success of your business. But what is good cash flow management? Think...

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