Our Happy Customers

Before we met Les and Mathew of Harper Group Pty Ltd, our previous accountant, despite many requests from us, had not assisted us in developing or directing our business.

We manufacture a range of concrete additives.

Harper Group Pty Ltd have

  • Given us a vision for our business.
  • Restructured our business ownership.
  • Reviewed our costings and gross profit and advised on improvements.
  • Reviewed our profitability and made excellent recommendations.
  • Put in place a plan for our eventual comfortable retirement.
  • Put in place a plan to own the factories from which we operate.
  • Planned our business so that we will not be surprised with cash flow difficulties.
  • Planned our taxation affairs so that we have not been surprised with a large tax bill.

And most importantly, assisted us in turning our business around from earning a mediocre profit to that of a very healthy profit.

We would highly recommend the services of the Harper Group Pty Ltd.

Please feel free to telephone me on 9775 l 801 and discuss them further.

Garth Hoskin
Managing Director


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